Kender Siberian Cats

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Who We Are

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The Siberian & Allergy Sufferers
First, no animal is ever "non-allergenic". These are living creatures. We have found, through over 2 decades of experience, that it is 50/50 odds. Those who might have mild allergies, nasal drip/eyes red and watery seem to do very very well with this breed. Those with more severe allergies, such as hives, swollen membranes etc, although they fair better than before, do still react in some way. Many find this an acceptable solution to their allergy in their search for a cat companion. One thing we have noted is specifically, people with immune related disorders, such as Lupus, do still react and with no noted lessoning of symptoms.

We always recommend for allergy sufferers, never EVER to let the cat sleep with you. Use Hepa(tm) filters in your air conditioning, vacuum, and individual rooms; use a hypoallergenic soap in the laundry and wash things often. And ventilate the home well. A closed home allows for a buildup of potential allergens.

At no time, do we guarantee any animal to be non-allergenic


We do highly recommend you view the Dr. Oz's Video from his show about pets and allergies, and see his very own Siberian cat! Yes, he owns a Siberian cat! How cool is that?

Also - view this brief video about the Siberian and allergies.






Kender Siberians is a Cattery of Distinction within the CFA. We continue to produce quality cats that merit the highest of awarded titles thus this honor for us.

Why a Kender Siberian?

We are simply the best, most experienced cattery in North America raising Siberian cats.

 I’m Alice , and since 1992, Siberian cats have been my life! 

I have been showing cats since the mid 1980's and shown in almost all of the US associations - CFA, TICA, ACFA, UFO, ACA,  and AACE.  My cattery name, Kender has been registered since 1986.  

My first Siberian was a gift from an interpreter visiting from Russia and staying wtih us in November of 1992. On her next visit, at our request, we traded for and received 3 more Siberians and the rest, as they say is history.

I have learned a lot about this wonderful & unique breed, spent many many hours with them. They have helped me raise my sons and all my dogs. Together we have earned a lot of titles, including breeding what I believe to be the most titled Siberian in the US. My cats were featured in the “Siberian issue” of the Cat Fancy Magazine many times and several books, we regularly participate in cat shows as well as school exhibits/4-H and other exhibits as requested. And now for 2013 release, we have learned that CFA will be using a head shot of one of our boys for the breed brochure! How Awesome is that!

All of the above has been geared towards one goal & one goal only – to raise the happiest, the most affectionate, the most playful, the healthiest kittens to be loved, adored and treasured by their families!

Here Is What I Bring
With every kitten I rejoice when it’s born, watch its every move, am worried to death that it may hurt itself and I will not be there to protect and to guard it! 

I see how their personalities develop and can tell you (pretty much like with children) what each of them likes and dislikes and what their personalities will be like (even though from time to time they will surprise me)..

Kittens sleep in our beds, work with me on my computer, are loved and played with by my two boys, are licked by our German Shepherds..

Every kitten is a unique individual with its own personality which is the result of genetics, our upbringing and the love and commitment you bring into its life!

There is a common misconception that cats by nature are independent and keep to themselves, that you can get a kitten to come home to at the end of a long day and spend time with when you feel like it!

My kittens are thinking and feeling beings with a deep capacity for loving and bonding!

What Will You Contribute?
Will you guarantee this kitten is fed with fresh quality food and water daily for its entire life? which will easily be 10 years or more?

Will you share your bed and home for this kitten's entire life?

Will you take the time to give the kitten time every single day – just like a child; or arrange for companionship should you be gone?

Will you be able to accept that your kitten will have some physical illness or problem during its lifetime? This is not a machine we have assembled and which we could rebuild. It is no more perfect than you or I are.

Do you guarantee to care for this kitten when it no longer plays with your kids, amuses you & your friends or is what you need? When it becomes ill or infirm and aged?

Do you guarantee to never forget this kitten when you are so busy you can’t even find your car keys?

If this is too much, then PLEASE go get a stuffed toy for a pet. They do not get sick, need feeding or attention. They never claw your couch or pee on your bed.

And they never ever rip your heart apart when they die.

Our kitten is a lifetime of commitment, love and expense.