CFA Grands CFA Grands Kender's Run Out The Guns Regional Winner 2010-11, Grand Premier neuter, Best Siberian in Premiership 2010-11 Now retired in luxury in Palm Springs Also, current cover model for the CFA Siberian Breed Brochure! 2012/2013 167596076 Kender's A Touch Of Destiny Grand Champion female, now living in Tx. Best of Breed Siberian in SW Region 2011-12 167596110 Kender's Don't Call Me Nymphadora! Grand Champion female, 3rd Best of Breed Siberian SW Region 2009/10, 3rd Best of Breed Kitten SW Region 2009/10 Happily retired in Northern Cal 167596522 Kender's Peter Moon Grand Premier neuter, Best of Breed 09'10 show season in SW Region, in his forever home with Ann P. 167596523 Kender's Surprise Voyager Grand Champion male , retired, neutered PKD1 Neg, HCM scanned, PK clear, PKD clear and 3rd Best of Breed 2010-11 SW region 167597058 Kender Faithful Servant Grand Champion female, mother to our Draco HCM Clear, CPC, PKD1 Neg. , PKD Clear0 167597086 Kender's Anna Maria Grand Premier spay, happily retired to CA 167597317 Kender's Zima Grand Premier neuter, happily living with his co-owner Debra B. in Phx AZ , 3rd Best of Breed Kitten 2011/12 in the SW Region Regional Winner and Best of Breed Siberian Premier for 2012/13 167597449 Kender's House Elf Grand Premier neuter, RIP 167597530 Kender's The Devil Wears Prada Grand Champion Female, living in OR 2nd Best of Breed Siberian SW Region 2011/12 and 2nd Best of Breed Kitten 2011/12 167597551 Judo's Little Bit O Honey of Kender Grand Premier spay, happily retired in her forever home in Phx AZ 167597599 Kender's Tojours Pur CFA Grand Champion retired stud and show kitty. Regional Winner and 2nd Best of Breed in CFA for 2012/13 HCM clear, PKD clear, PK clear 176645661 Judo's Ba Zn Ga of Kender CFA Grand Premier , retired to the life of luxury handsome brown mac tabby and white boy. 185951744 Tzigane's Silver Rose of Kender CFA Grand Permier 2014/15 show season ! A First for her breeder. What a super pretty silver patched tabby and white girl 197641663 Kender's Prince Hans CFA Grand Champion 2014/15 2nd Best Siberian in the SW Region. Handsome young fella. 198701286 Kender's Blue Dragon CFA Grand Premier. Photo taken at just 6 months of age. Making the 5th "grand" for his mother - thereby earning her the title of Distinguished Merit. Retiring this year to his eagerly waiting home in AZ. 199512873 Kender's Spell Bound CFA Grand Premier. This "grand" gives his mom a new title - that of Distinguished Merit ! 202892150 Sineglazka's Medern Love of Kender CFA Grand Champion and our current stud boy (2017) What a handsome and sweet boy 204575474