Kender Siberian Cats

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Just a few comments from our Facebook Cattery Group - Kender Siberians:
Some new quotes/endorsements

11/19/2017 A Foster You are a very conscientious and thorough breeder.
Leslie W Yes,she is!!

today 4/12/2017 from FB - 

LRD She loves everyone! She is just the best, thank you!!
LRD She is a Siberian. My husband is allergic and the breed is known for having lower allergen amounts in their saliva/fur. GREAT breed! She is an angel.
E.M. I need one!! My husband and in-laws are allergic. I didn't know Siberians could be so fluffy and pretty! All the other no.n-allergenic cats are less than attractive :(
A.D.(husband to LR.D.) Shes the first and only cat that hasn't driven me crazy with allergy problems. I was skeptical at first since I've always had horrible reactions to cats, but her breed doesn't bother me a bit. And she's such a good kitty!
LRD I have a great breeder! Kender Siberians in Arizona. Alice Wright raises great kitties!

 A quick note we rec'd June 2015    Dear Alice......remember us?.....parents of Chekov, now 17 years old and doing fairly well. Now we're hoping for a kitten to play with in our old age. Dave has just retired from xxxxx after a 27 year career. Call us when time allows.

Nov 2014

Just wanted to share some of our Kender family updates! Amy writes us tonight saying -I don't even know where to start..Rexy is the most beautiful, loving, sweetest cat I have ever had in my entire life. Words cannot express how much I love him, and how much he means to me. He brightens my day EVERY DAY, and always knows when I need a good snuggle. Thank you for giving me the best little furry friend I could ever imagine! Hope these pictures make you smile

Sept 2014  Alice,

I don't think we've ever sent you any pics of the boy you helped us pick out for my sister and her daughters up in Montana.  As you can see from the pics, my nieces love him more than life itself.  With the cooler weather up North his coat gets really long and beautiful in the fall and winter.  He's a happy guy.

Gina & Greg

April 2014- you are so lucky to be getting one of Alice's kittens. My daughter picked up her little Gus last month and he is by far the most amazing kitty I've ever known.....and there have been many!! He is an incredible companion for her. Alice is an awesome person; she does everything possible to have happy, healthy kitties. Alice, you ROCK!!
March 2014 - D B Brand - You are the kitty whisperer
March 2014 -  D B Brand  Alice, thank you so much for EVERYTHING! It was wonderful to finally meet you. Gus bonded almost immediately with Amy; laying next to her and purring!! What a little motor he has He is so sociable already, choosing on top instead of under the bed!! More pics to follow......Thanks again!!
March 2014 - A Noble  - He is already the best study buddy a girl could ever ask for! Thank you so much Alice  for my perfect little baby, Gus!

 June 2013 - 
..If you want a dog but cannot have one and don't like cats - get a cat from Alice. If your husband (or wife) won't leave you alone about wanting to get a cat and you do not like cats - get a cat from Alice. If your kids want a cat and you don't like cats or don't want a cat that will scratch them all to heck get a cat from Alice. If you don't already have a cat - get a cat from Alice. If you already have a cat but it isn't a cat from Alice get a cat from Alice. If you already have a cat from Alice then you already know that you should get another cat from Alice.....

I hope Karen  doesn't mind too much me sharing this with the group - she messaged me today saying - Liam knows I'm sick. He's been sticking to my side ever since I got back from surgery yesterday. It's soooo cute!! He sits next to me or lies on top of me in bed and won't leave. Best. Kitty. Ever!!!
  • Karenr Ha ha ha, B N. Of course I don't mind. Alice You raise the best kitties! He's my guard kitty and was obviously miffed when Murphy (dog) jumped up to the bed too, because he glared at Murphy and stretched out so that he could claim as much of my body at feline-ly possible.
Okay - I may be a little biased on this. Hello people! my name is Bea and I am not a cat person. Or I guess I should say I am a reformed not a cat person. We have three of Alice  beyond amazing cats. They have honestly changed my outlook on felines in general. No longer is a cat - just a cat. So I really needed to get word out there that if you have a chance to get a cat from her and you do not bend over backwards to make it happen you are in short... an idiot. That is all. 

Tanya V Hear, hear! I feel as strongly about Alice and her cats as you do, Bea!

Our Lovebug is not a cat, he is the most amazing "person"! My husband once said: "Lovebug has personality to horrow from"! Also the most noble and kind cat one can imagine! Tanya

Tanya V Alice,
You are a treasure! Love you with all my heart!


Debbie C That's why you will be my one and only Sib supplier
December 5, 2012 at 12:38am

We love our 2 Kender Siberians...Nimble and sweet & playful. They play "kitty soccer" with a golf ball...adorable! Really good jumpers too, and light on their feet, very affectionate.
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Hi Alice, how are you?
First a little update – Arthur (or Ari as we call him) is the sweetest cat! We are a very happy family J we couldn’t ask for more! I’ve attached photos so he can say hi 

 Hi Alice,

Gina and I thought you'd like to know how the boys are doing.  We renamed Regulas as Ivan and after a two week "Honeymoon" he and Boris are now officially best buddies.  We're so pleased that Boris has a playmate now.  As you know, he had too much energy for our tortie point himmy but he and Ivan seem to match up just right.  Fortunately Ivan is BIG, at 10 months he's a bit bigger than Boris at 20 months so even tho Boris thinks he's in charge the wrestling matches are pretty much even.  Also Montana Boris is doing great with my sister up north.  They couldn't be more pleased.

Thought you might want to see some pics.